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Unleashing Efficiency and Sustainability with JINPENG Cargo Electric Tricycle

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Unleashing Efficiency and Sustainability with JINPENG Cargo Electric Tricycle

In today's fast-paced world, urban logistics and short-haul transportation require innovative solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally sustainable. At JINPENG, we understand these evolving needs, and our Cargo Electric Tricycle, the TL II150, stands as a testament to our commitment to providing cost-effective, reliable, and eco-friendly solutions for your logistics requirements.

Revolutionizing Urban Logistics with JINPENG Cargo Electric Tricycle

The TL II150 by JINPENG is a versatile and compact cargo electric tricycle designed to cater to the diverse demands of urban freight and short-haul logistics. We take immense pride in offering this exceptional electric tricycle, which has earned a reputation for its durability, maneuverability, and impressive cargo-carrying capacity.

The TL II150: A Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Efficiency and Maneuverability: In the bustling urban landscape, every inch counts. The TL II150's compact dimensions, with measurements of 2900mm in length, 1130mm in width, and 1325mm in height, make it the perfect fit for navigating through crowded city streets with ease. Its minimum turning radius of just 4 meters ensures that you can make sharp turns and navigate tight corners effortlessly. This exceptional maneuverability ensures that you can swiftly reach your destination without the usual hassles of urban traffic.

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Impressive Cargo Capacity: What truly sets the TL II150 apart is its ability to carry heavy loads. With a cargo box measuring 1500mm by 1050mm by 300mm, this cargo electric tricycle offers ample space for transporting goods efficiently. It has a rated load capacity of 200kg, making it ideal for carrying various types of cargo, from packages and parcels to bulkier items.

Sustainability and Reliability: At JINPENG, we are committed to sustainability. The TL II150 is powered by a 60V battery with a capacity ranging from 45AH to 58AH, providing a range of 50-70 kilometers on a single charge. With a charging time of 6-8 hours, this electric tricycle ensures that your logistics operations remain eco-friendly and cost-effective. Additionally, its 60V1000W motor guarantees reliable performance, and the drum brakes provide dependable stopping power, enhancing safety on the road.


The JINPENG TL II150 Cargo Electric Tricycle stands as a testament to our dedication to providing efficient, sustainable, and reliable solutions for urban logistics. With its impressive cargo capacity, maneuverability, and commitment to sustainability, it is the ideal choice for businesses seeking cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation options. At JINPENG, we remain committed to innovation and excellence in the electric tricycle industry. Whether you require efficient transportation for deliveries, short-haul logistics, or any other urban freight needs, the TL II150 is the solution you've been looking for. Join us in revolutionizing urban logistics with our state-of-the-art cargo electric tricycle.

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