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Mini Car Electric Passenger Tricycle-ZC

  • ZC


Max speed:

Mini Car Electric Passenger Tricycle

Wheel base(mm)1865
Wheel track(mm)1120
Minumum ground clearance(mm)130
Minimum turning radius(m)4
Curb weight(kg)343
Max speed(km/h)42
Max slope of climb(%)15
Motor, electric power control(w)60V1000W
Driving mileage at efficient speed(km)50-100KM
Charging time(h)8
Body structure5doors 3seats
Front shock absorberΦ37Hydraulic shock absorber for disc brakes
Rear shock absorberBig spring + damping suspension
Front/Rear tyre4.00-10 Tubeless Tyre
Rim typeAluminum alloy wheel

As urban landscapes evolve and sustainability takes center stage, the ZC electric tricycle emerges as a frontrunner in the realm of eco-friendly transportation. With its innovative design and impressive specifications, the ZC offers a compelling solution for urban commuters and environmentally conscious individuals alike.

Let's start by exploring the dimensions and features of the ZC electric tricycle. With measurements of 2650mm in length, 1265mm in width, and 1595mm in height, it boasts a spacious and ergonomic design. The wheelbase spans 1865mm, while the wheel track extends to 1120mm, ensuring stability and maneuverability on diverse urban terrains. A minimum ground clearance of 130mm enables smooth navigation over obstacles, while a minimum turning radius of 4 meters facilitates agile turns in congested city streets.

Weighing in at 343kg, the ZC electric tricycle strikes a balance between sturdiness and efficiency. It accelerates to a maximum speed of 42km/h, capable of tackling inclines with a gradient of up to 15%. Powered by a range of battery options, including 60V/52/58/80/100AH, and driven by a 60V1000W motor, the ZC offers a driving range of 50 to 100 kilometers on efficient speeds. Charging time is a mere 8 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between journeys.

In terms of structure and handling, the ZC electric tricycle excels. Featuring a 5-door, 3-seat layout, it prioritizes passenger comfort and accessibility. Front shock absorption is provided by Φ37 hydraulic shock absorbers for disc brakes, while the rear suspension utilizes a combination of big springs and damping technology for optimal ride quality. Tubeless 4.00-10 tires mounted on aluminum alloy wheels ensure reliability and durability, while front and rear disc brakes, along with a foot-operated parking brake, guarantee precise and secure stopping power.

Rounding out its impressive features is the high-low rear axle structure, enhancing stability and control during acceleration and deceleration.

In summary, the ZC electric tricycle represents a paradigm shift in urban transportation, offering a harmonious blend of performance, sustainability, and user-centric design. Whether navigating bustling city streets or embarking on leisurely excursions, the ZC redefines mobility with its efficiency, versatility, and eco-conscious ethos. As cities embrace the future of transportation, the ZC stands poised to lead the charge towards a greener, more interconnected urban landscape.

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